America Day is a day of simple celebration and remembrance in honor of our great country. It began because of the American pride calendar and individuals deciding that on the first day of every month as they took down their calendar and studied that month’s history, they would also start sharing their love for America with others. Across our nation, there are children giving away red, white and blue lemonade, celebrations and flag time in the park. People wearing red, white and blue clothing, young people taking veterans to dinner and families having American cookouts together.

It's a day when YOU, the citizens of our great county take a little time to show your appreciation and respect for this great land of liberty. So join us and show your pride in America! Spend the first day of every month giving special tribute to America, the nation that gives you the freedom to enjoy every day.

So, join in the celebration... Enjoy!... Revere!... Laugh!... Shed a Tear!... Rejoice! It's AMERICA DAY!


You will also want to have an American Pride Calendar to help you celebrate America Day

For information on the American Day Movement contact us at (479) 595-8414.